Planning Information for Community Organizations and Businesses

Protecting and promoting the health and safety of everyone in Riverside County cannot be done by local government agencies alone.  Responding to a pandemic requires the cooperation of everyone. The efforts by partners at the tribal and state government levels, and those of businesses, not-for-profit agencies, community organizations, and faith-based groups continue to play a key role in keeping Riverside County a safer and healthier place to live.


Community Organizations

Faith-based and community organizations will play an important role in the event of a pandemic.  Individuals may have to rely on groups and organizations in their communities for assistance during a pandemic.  In addition, the collaboration between community organizations and local public health will be critical in protecting the public’s health.  


Business preparedness for pandemic influenza is critical and will help to protect employee health and reduce negative impacts on the economy and society.  There are key activities that businesses can do to be better prepared.  Some of the activities include:

  • Be aware of and review federal, state and local health department pandemic influenza plans.  Incorporate actions from these plans into workplace disaster plans.
  • Prepare and plan for operations with a reduced workforce.
  • Provide your employees and customers in your workplace with easy access to infection control supplies, such as soap, hand sanitizers, tissues and office cleaning supplies.
  • Provide education and information material about employee health and safety, including proper hygiene practices.


Social distancing in the workplace

Social distancing involves taking measures to slow the spread of pandemic influenza by limiting the opportunities for exposure to the virus.  Businesses can help reduce the spread of influenza by adhering to the following social distancing practices:

  • Implement strategies that request and allow employees to stay home at the first sign of influenza symptoms.
  • Minimize close contact among employees by encouraging use of the telephone, fax, Internet and video conferencing.
  • Extend business hours and allow flexible schedules to minimize the number of workers present at any one time.
  • Enhance technology as needed to support employee telecommuting, conference calls and remote customer access.


Additional information for Community Organizations and Businesses