Planning Information For Governments

Riverside County

The Riverside County Department of Public Health (DOPH) is the lead agency in coordinating county wide public health and emergency medical response.  Riverside County DOPH will work to ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to limit the spread of an outbreak within the county’s borders.  Activities will include:

  • Pandemic influenza planning and response efforts
  • Maintaining command and control of the response
  • Surveillance
  • Management of health/medical response activities
  • Dissemination of risk communication messages to the community
  • Vaccine/antiviral distribution
  • Public education
  • Community wide collaborative partnerships



Throughout all phases of a pandemic event, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and/or the California Emergency Medical Services Authority will be responsible for:

  • Coordinating statewide planning and providing recommendations for local public health and healthcare systems planning and response activities.
  • Coordinating statewide monitoring and investigation of illnesses and deaths caused by influenza.
  • Communicating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and with state, local, tribal and provincial health agencies.
  • Providing laboratory facilities for influenza identification and serving as liaison to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Coordinating any statewide distribution of vaccine or antiviral medication through the Strategic National Stockpile, prioritizing supplies and monitoring medication safety.
  • Providing information for the public on pandemic influenza and safety precautions.




While the Federal government plays a critical role in elements of preparedness and response to a pandemic, the success of these measures is based on actions taken at the individual level and in states and communities.  Federal responsibilities include the following:

  • Advancing international preparedness, surveillance, response and containment activities.
  • Supporting the establishment of countermeasure stockpiles and production capacity.
  • Stockpiling and coordinating the distribution of necessary countermeasures in concert with states and other entities.
  • Ensuring that federal departments and agencies have developed and exercised preparedness and response plans.
  • Facilitating state and local planning through funding and guidance.
  • Providing guidance to the private sector and public on preparedness and response planning in conjunction with states and communities.




The World Health Organization (WHO) is coordinating the global response to human cases of H5N1 avian influenza and monitoring the corresponding threat of an influenza pandemic.